Exploring Passive Spaces Graphically

WS 2020/21


Tool: hangouts


Startdatum: 06.11.2020
Enddatum: 05.02.2021
Freitag: 11:00 - 13:00


Tanya George

Verantwortliche*r Professor*in

Prof. Indra Kupferschmid

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Vorlage und Präsentation von Arbeitsergebnissen


More commonly known as negative space in design terminology, Passive spaces are something founds across all types of designs domains. Illustrations and letterforms, interfaces and layouts are as much about the space you draw as it is about the bits you leave out. Looking at Passive spaces allows you to look at the framework that is holding a design in its place. 

In this course, I would like to explore Passive spaces to create identifiable shapes. Using non-obvious ways to describe the outlines of letterforms and icons that are then merged together to create a district visual identity. This course would do that by looking at experiments on paper that will then be translated digitally. 

You will ideally complete this course with the ability to identify and create shapes that occupy a space, and those left by their absence. We will do this by

Exploring works by: 
Mallika Favre
Christoph Niemann 
Saul Bass
Satyajit Ray
Ray Eames
Monument Valley game 

Pencil + Pen + Marker
Plain Paper + Tracing paper + Scissors + Paper cutter
Access to a computer with vector design software skills

Lettering Exercises:
Playing with letterforms to test legibility thresholds
Merging a letter with a noun with the same initial 
Constructing letterform stencils 
Building up to an Identity design and (based on the pace of the class) its Poster design application

The class will the taught entirely online and in English.
Tanya George is a graphic and type designer in Mumbai, India (hence the schedule because time zones)