Typography Reader

WS 2020/21


Tool: hangouts


Startdatum: 02.11.2020
Enddatum: 05.02.2021
Montag: 11:00 - 16:00


Tânia Raposo

Verantwortliche*r Professor*in

Prof. Indra Kupferschmid

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Vorlage und Präsentation von Projektergebnissen


There is no one way to solve a problem, and there are no absolute truths. 

Many times the best way to get familiar with a subject and its different levels of complexity is to research and see first-hand examples of how it was approached and solved by others. Instead of just reading or listening about typographic rules, why not investigating, see different use examples, analyse them, compile them and share them. 

Students will first build a visual database of diverse typographic elements (such as Footnotes, Drop Caps, Small Caps, quotation rules in different languages, hyphenation rules, among many others). Afterwards, we will discuss and reflect on the different usages. And lastly, the students will write a small chapter about each subject studied, which will build a collective book on different subjects on typography. A Reader made by all for all. 

Students will be set up in pairs or groups of three. We will meet online all together for a first introductory class. Classes after I will meet with each group in a scheduled time with full class meetings from time to time to discuss our findings. The video conferences will be open for everyone to join at any time to listen in on the discussions. 

A group between 16 to 20 students maximum will be accepted in this class. 

The class will be held in English, the students don’t need to have a perfect level of English but it should be good enough for us to communicate. Texts for the Reader should be preferably written in English, but there is a possibility for them to be written in German. 

Tânia Raposo is a typographer and researcher from Portugal living in Nancy, France.

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